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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

SS501 Park Jung Min's Japanese fans gathering on the 22nd

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SS501 Park Jung Min departs to Japan at 9am on the 20th to attend the fan-meeting in Tokyo.

Park Jung Min’s Japanese fans gathering ’1st Japan 2010 Fan Meeting – Christmas Special’ will be held at 2pm and 6pm respectively on the 22nd; 2pm and 7pm respectively on the 23rd, a total of 4 shows.

Tickets have already been sold out. At the same time when he is in Japan for his fan-meeting, he also arranged a fansign event for his 1st solo photobook, his schedule in Japan made him and the fans feels more interesting.

Especially the fan-meeting this time, Park Jung Min will officially start his solo activity, he is prepared to release his solo album, organizing Showcase & Fan-meeting, releasing album in Japan and Greater China.
Park Jung Min said ‘Please anticipate it in the future, and also please give me more love.’

On the other hand, Park Jung Min first solo album was postponed from 25th November to January 2011 due to the artillery attack.

Source: starnews + Chinese translation: 피오나@PJM IFC (
English translation:

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