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Friday, 24 December 2010

SNSD 'Hoot' managed to secure the #2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart

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On Day 1 of its release in Japan, SNSD’s Licensed Japanese Edition of 3rd mini album ‘Hoot’ managed to secure the #2 spot on Oricon Daily Album Chart.
Released officially on December 22nd, ‘Hoot’ recorded sales of 21,271 copies, making it the 2nd hottest selling album of the day behind Ayumi Hamasaki’s ‘Love Songs’ which recorded a massive sales of 70,609 copies, also on the first day of release.

Following this a representative from the music industry said, “Previously, the licensed albums for Super Junior and SHINee only managed to secure 5th and 8th spot respectively on Oricon. Since SNSD have not officially promoted the album in Japan, I think this result is rather phenomenal. SNSD’s songs are well received and loved domestically in Korea as well as in Japan”.

Translated by: fanwonder

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