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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kpop Debut : Girl Story

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A new controversy seems to be brewing around Girl Story, an upcoming ‘low-teen’ girl group who debuted with an average age of 9.75. The members consist of Kim Hye In (9), Lee Yoon Jung (9), Kim Yuri (10), and the oldest, Kim Chae Young (11). All four members first debuted as child actresses in a variety of hit films, dramas, and CFs.

Despite younger girl group debuts being the current trend in the industry, many have been raising voices of concern over the outrageously young ages of the girls. Not only that, but many have also been asking what the standards and limits are for their lyrics, clothing, and choreography.

A line from “Pinky Pinky“, their debut track, has drawn concerns over appropriate content. The line reads, “Hit on me confidently, you’re making me wait and wait. Before it gets any later, hurry up and come to me.“ Many are of the opinion that the lyrics are not appropriate for elementary school students to be singing. Other comments such as, “Look at their pictures, their thighs are completely exposed. This isn’t appropriate,” have been surfacing as well.
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Regarding these concerns, representatives of their agency answered, “We believe that it is possible for there to be negative opinions regarding Girl Story and issues of sexually suggestive material. That is why we paid extra attention to those issues when making the choreography and album jacket photos.”

Another obstacle that remains in the way is public broadcast performances. GP Basic’s Janey (12) was unable to perform with the group on-air due to legal issues.

The representative continued, “We’re predicting difficulties in getting the group on public broadcast shows. We’ll be concentrating on promoting them through cable shows.”

Dreaming of becoming the representative idols for the ‘low-teen’ age group, many will be watching on in order to see just how they manage to overcome their difficulties and differentiate themselves from the other standard girl groups.

Do you think these girls are too young to be performing, or are the standards old-fashioned? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit : Allkpop

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