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Thursday, 23 December 2010

KBS respond to YGE that they would not be atending to KBS Music Festival

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A controversy is brewing between KBS and YG Entertainment after the entertainment label declared that they would not be attending KBS’s year-end music festival on December 19th.

The producer of “KBS Music Festival” spoke with TV Daily on December 22nd, and revealed their side of the story:

“We received notice of YG Entertainment’s decision to be absent from our ceremony. Their action is extremely hard for us to understand, as they’ve already attended other music award ceremonies, and even won awards. They also told us that YG and 2NE1’s concept does not fit with our music festival. We honestly have nothing to say if YGE makes a decision like that. We do not want to force pressure on teams that cannot attend, so we will just be going our own reasonable way.”

YGE officials previously brought up concerns over 2NE1 being the only YGE artist listed on the ‘top 20 nominees’ for the festival. This is because their labelmates,Se7en and Taeyang , had also promoted in the same year as the girl group, but had failed somehow to place on the list. As a result, furious questions abounded over KBS’s standards for the nominations.

Regarding this, the producer went on to state, “YG Entertainment refused to attend even when they didn’t know 2NE1 was the only group of theirs invited as nominees. We don’t believe that they truly have a problem with Se7en and Taeyang not being included in the nominees. There’s honestly no reason for them to be acting like this.”

“We are making our own effort to make the fairest judgment possible. SM Entertainment’s BoA was not included in the rankings, and they have not expressed a problem with that. It’s pressuring to know that the public is viewing this as a problem between KBS and YG Entertainment; we just hope that it’s an enjoyable festival for all,” the producer concluded.

Nominees are decided by “Music Bank’s K-Chart” and feature winners according to album and digital music sales, along with viewer preference votes.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Credit: allkpop

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