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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

IU spoke up about Suju Shindong joking around behind her as she made her winning speech

Fans noticed Super Junior's Shindong behind IU joking around behind her as she made her winning speech. This lead to Super Junior's Leeteuk and 2AM's Changmin pulling him away.
However despite their efforts, Shindong went back behind her, stealing the camera and also pointing towards himself, wanting IU to thank him. But when IU ended her speech without thanking him, he gave a face of unsatisfactory. Fans became protective of IU and said Shindong's behavior was rude and impolite.

IU spoke up about this controversy on her me2day.
"Bunny Transformation!^^ This is a misunderstanding. Shindong and Super Junior sunbaenims congratulated me more than anyone else. It makes me sad that this has been a huge misunderstanding. Have a good day!"
With her post, she posted a picture on her me2DAY, with her wearing a cute bunny suit


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