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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Infinite released mini album titled 'Evolution' on 6th January

1. INTRO (Evolution)

2. Can U Smile

Lyrics: “I still remember that feeling I felt when I saw you a long time ago -”

3. Hysterie

Lyrics: “Gradually, I Keep WANNA BE THE STAR for you -”

(Gradually, I keep wanting to be a star for you)

4. BTD (Before The Dawn)

Lyrics: “Because I – ”

5. Dunno

Lyrics: “Dunno, I don’t understand hearts like yours, Dunno, I only know my heart – ”

6. Voice of my Heart

Lyrics: “The words I really wanted to say when I saw you, the words I couldn’t resist saying -”

Source: Murisu
Tip: AWWesomeeKyuu

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