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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Big Bang Top & Gdragon interview by Melon


++ This interview is different from the video

While being part of Big Bang, the unit album that you’ve been personally waiting for is finally coming out. We heard that you two were really good friends even before Big Bang debuted. We’re curious as to how you guys feel about releasing a unit album together.
GD: A lot of people have been expecting it and in order to repay for the wait, we worked hard to make this album. We’re happy that we were able to make an album that we’re satisfied with. I hope that from the people who have been waiting for this album to those who just coincidentally happen to listen to it will like it and that everyone is satisfied with it.

What are your concepts for this album? Also, can you tell us some episodes that happened while working on this album?
TOP: The biggest concept and specialty of this album is that through many attempts, we were able to put many different styles of music into this one album. Rather than having one special episode, the time we spent with Teddy and E.Knock everyday at the studio is what’s left deep in my memories. Our nights and days were switched and that’s how were spent our daily lives. We put that much effort into it and I think that’s why we’re receiving a lot of love and support from all the fans.

Weren’t the members jealous that only you two released an album? What do the other members do while you guys are promoting your album?
TOP: We’ve spent so much time together so they wouldn’t be jealous at all. Rather, they’re happy and they congratulated us!
Because the members were there to cheer us on, we got a lot of energy from that and we were able to make our album.

Source: Melon (via 지디그림자 @ bbvipz)
Translated by: solshin3 @

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