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Monday, 6 September 2010

SUJU Hangeng he wants to invite Heechul to his dumpling shop

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In a press conference in China, Hangeng stated that he ‘wants to invite Heechul to his dumpling shop’.
On the 12th in a press conference for his Shanghai fan meeting, Hangeng who is wearing a white jacket with black trousers, appeared with ‘simple yet elegant’ image.

He said ‘We will have to leave the surprises for the fan meeting. I will carefully choose which songs from the album to perform.’

When asked about the situation with the company of SM, Hangeng stated that ‘Everything has been taken over by my lawyer; honestly, I’m not too sure myself. However, I’m still very grateful towards my old manager, as I learnt a lot from the time I spent in Korea.’

When member Kim Heechul was mentioned, Hangeng said ‘We contacted each other while he came to film in China. When I went to Korea, we also met. If there is a chance next time, I want to invite him to my family’s dumpling shop.’

About keeping in contact with his old members, Hangeng emphasized on saying ‘We’ve always had, it’s just that no one talked about it. Our relationships are as good as they were before.’

On the other hand, Hangeng’s fan meeting was held successfully on the 14th in Shanghai. His album’s sales was #1 for three consecutive weeks on Music Radio in China.

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