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Friday, 17 September 2010

Han Geng said “I think my life is a big coincidence”.

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Until today, Han Geng has never failed to be asked questions about why he went solo when he receives interviews. He says he started dancing when he was 12, coincidentally had a chance to audition, and was chosen, saying “I think my life is a big coincidence”. This includes his decision to go solo.

During this issue of MEN’S UNO photoshoot, Han Geng revealed that he prefers acting to singing, and his idol is Tony Leung (梁朝偉), saying “His films and the aura he emits have always attracted me.” He sees Tony Leung as a goal, but will find a more suitable path for himself, saying “I want to be a good actor more than a singer, but I don’t have lots of acting experience so I don’t know what suits me, although I would like to be in an action movie.”

Wearing Burberry to the interview, Hangeng exudes an idol’s aura, but he says his life isn’t that exciting. When he has time, he often stays at home, going online to see fan messages, but doesn’t use MSN or social networking sites. He maintains an 8hour-per-day sleeping pattern, and if there is spare time he will exercise.

Source: UDN
Translation by: PA @ CPOPACCESS.COM
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