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Saturday, 4 September 2010

f(x) Victoria blood type is A

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On May, talented girl group f(x) released their new song NU ABO where they explained that the meaning behind the title Nu ABO refers to a new blood type apart from A, B, O or AB. Not long after NU ABO was released, f(x) appeared as guests for a radio program where they explained this song title’s meaning and talked about their own blood types.

When asked about her blood type Victoria replied, “Up until now I thought my blood type was O. However, recently we were promotional representatives for blood donation services and got our blood tested where I found out I was actually an A.” Regarding Victoria who for 24 years had the wrong information about her own blood type netizens responded, “She seems a bit out of it but she’s still cute,” and “Please reveal clearly from now on that your blood type is A.”

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