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Monday, 6 September 2010

FT Island received a life size female mannequin from their fans/

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FT Island reveals the most impressionable gift from their fans.

FT Island was recently present for the filming of 2TV Star GoldenBell where they talked about stories when they were promoting in Japan.

MC Ji SeokJin asked, “Is there any unique gift from fans?” And JongHoon replied, “We once received a life size female mannequin. I guess the fan gave it to us thinking that we should be lonely while doing promotions overseas, but we didn’t know what to do with the mannequin.”

He continued, “Until now, the doll is still in HongKi’s room.” And HongKi confessed, “I even once combed her hair.”

Eun JiWon then commented, “Please lend that mannequin to Ji SeokJin,” which had everyone laughing.

Meanwhile, the boys also talked about other interesting episodes on the show including how JongHoon and SeungHyun revealed, “Lee HongKi threatened the members that he would film down when they are showering” which got the comment from Shin JungHwa, “It seems FT Island has so much time”.

The episode is set to air on 4th September at 5.15pm.


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