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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Who do you think has a stinky breath in 2AM?

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>Talented female singer IU gave 2AM’s Seulong a slight scar through the recent episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

IU and the boys of 2AM were both guests on the recent KJE Chocolate, and they shared various funny and witty talks.

When Kim Jung Eun questioned, “Out of the members in 2AM, who do you think has a stinky breath?” to which IU replied, without hesitation:


“Seulong and I did various singing activities with one another”

Dumbfounded Seulong expressed:

“Eh, really? No way”

“I always use mouth wash. Did my mouth still stink?”

IU continued, but sadly didn’t give a detailed response:

“Because we sang and recorded together”

On the other hand, MC Kim Jung Eun picked Jo Kwon as the smelly-mouthed 2AM member. She stated her reason for picking Jo Kwon and caused a lot of laughter when she expressed:

“I think Changmin would get hurt or offended with this mouth topic, so I purposely didn’t pick him.”

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