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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Super Junior Shindong talked about his love story on Strong Heart

On July 6th’s episode of Strong Heart, Shindong began his story by introducing his lover to the audience. Although he hasn’t revealed her name, Shindong explained that he first met her through a picture in college yearbook. After seeing his present-girlfriend’s beautiful photo, Shindong asked an assistant professor to introduce the mysterious girl to him.
He continued, “Girlfriend’s photo stood out from everyone else when I opened that yearbook. My assistant professor built that bridge between us. After dating her for a year, I told my parents, but they did not accept my relationship. I had to break up with her. From the pain I received from the breakup, I gained so much weight, up to 104 kilograms.

Because of a promise I made with my girlfriend, I lost over 20 kilograms. I then started seeing my girlfriend again.

I would like to marry her.

After telling the parents that I would like to marry my girlfriend, they still haven’t given me us an answer yet. Although I am not that famous or old, I would like to announce right now that I want to marry her.”

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