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Saturday, 24 July 2010

MBLAQ Lee Joon said ' I hate it when women pretend to be cute'

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Group MBLAQ’s Lee Joon confessed, “I don’t like it when women pretend to be cute”.

On QTV’s ‘Ranking Women’, which aired on July 15th, there was a talk on the topic ‘the pretenses that women have that are disliked’. Lee Joon, who is the new MC for the program, was asked the question, “What is a pretense that women have that you can’t stand?”, and to this, he replied, “When they act cute”.

Lee Joon continued, “It’s okay when it’s cute-cute pretending, but when it’s dirty-cute pretending, I don’t like it”, spurring the guests’ curiosity. When they asked him what was ‘dirty-cute’, Lee Joon gestured towards Jung JooRi and made everyone laugh.

Lee Joon explained, “I don’t like it when people treat me as though I am a puppy while acting cute”.

To this, Jung JooRi looked to Lee Joon and with a short tongue gestured to him with opening and closing hands, saying, “Come here”. Lee Joon, in turn, said, “That’s the kind of thing I don’t like”, and turned the entire studio into a fit of laughter.

On this day, Jung JooRi, Kang EunBi, HyunYoung, Goo JiSung, Kim SaeRom, NS YoonJi, Lee JiHye, Lee JiHyun, Jo HyangGi, and Lee InHye were present at ‘Ranking Women’, where the topic of the day was ‘who looks like they would spill fake tears the most?’.

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