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Friday, 2 July 2010

BEAST had made it iton the Gold Disk Category

[Sports Chosun T―News Baek Jieun Reporter] BEAST is currently receiving explosive popularity in Singapore.

On the 22nd, BEAST had arrived in Singapore for their promotions. Even though this had been their first visit, more than 1000 fans greeted them at the airport and wherever they went, about 30 cars followed as well clearly showing their popularity.

BEAST had a moment to meet the fans on the 24th at 7PM inside the IMM Shopping Mall with 3000 fans. The members had personally greeted the fans with handshakes and excited the fans with their happy expression and nice manners. Also on the 25th at 7PM, BEAST caught the hearts of the 1000 fans in a heartbeat at the Mediacorp Performance Hall with different performances and extravagant stage manners.

In addition, BEAST’s album ‘SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA’ Asia Version that was released in Singapore had even made it into the Gold Disk category, which the requirements include the sale of100,000 copies. Even though this had been their first promotional activities in Singapore, their popularity had even won them a spot in the Gold
Disk category.

BEAST will be moving on to Malaysia on the 26th, continuing their Asia Tour.

source : the sport chosun
translated by aoistars@b2strising
shared by shinhdeplol@soompi

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