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Saturday, 3 July 2010

4Minute Hyuna said 'I likes MBLAQ Lee Joon'

4Minute members reveal their ideal type of guys.

4Minute was on SBS Powerful Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime on 29th June when they revealed their ideal male celebrities.

HyunA’s comment that she likes “guys who are short” has garnered much interests on the show. HyunA said, “I’m a little special. I like short people. Because my dad is short, I like guys who are short.”

And she picked MBLAQ Lee Joon as her ideal male celebrity. She explained, “Even though Lee Joon is not short, he is very cool on stage.”

Also, leader Nam JiHyun reveals that she likes singer Rain. She said, “I saw this before my debut, but I find his hardworking features cool and I like it that he has no double eyelids.”

Meanwhile, members Jeon JiYoon chose Kim NamGil, Heo GaYoon chose GongYoo and SoHyun chose MBLAQ Mir as their ideal male celebrity.


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