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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yang Hyunsuk shed some tears when watched 71

YG Entertainment’s president, Yang Hyunsuk has shed some hot tears. It was during a war blockbuster movie, 71 – Into the Fire, which stars Big Bang’s TOP.

Director Lee Jaehan’s new movie, 71 – Into the Fire has opened a special viewing on the 8th at the Lotte Cinema. Jang Donggun, Kim Namju, Son Taeyoung, Kim Jaedong and many others came, but among them, Big Bang, 2NE1 and other artists have shined the dark movie theater in support of TOP’s new movie.

When the special viewing was happening, the press were disappointed in not being able to attend this special viewing. Instead, they waited outside early in the morning with the fans until the movie was over. 71 – Into the Fire has not only gained attention because of the casting of big stars, such as TOP, Kwon Sangwoo, Cha Seungwon, Kim Seungwoo, Park Jinhee, and many others, but it’s because this movie is the comeback of director Lee Jaehan after making A Moment to Remember.

President Yang and YG family have received cheers and applause when they entered the stage. When it was TOP’s turn to give his greeting, the audience stood up from their chairs and clapped and cheered loudly for him.

Once the movie began, the cheerful crowd died down. 71 – Into the Fire depicts the event that happened at during the Korean War. It involves 71 students who had the face the war. The movie brought pain and yet it touched the hearts of the audience.
Whenever TOP would appear, the members of YG family would say, “oh,” but as they continued watching the movie, the sounds of sniffling could be heard and for some, tears could be seen in their eyes.

After the viewing, Yang Hyunsuk stated, I didn’t know this movie was this sad. I never imagined I would cry so much. TOP was very natural with his character. It seems like he got a lot of help due to working with great actors who were able to support him.

Big Bang and 2NE1 were sitting in the back, watching the movie and when it was over, they gave two thumbs up and couldn’t hide their happiness at TOP’s success.
That night when the team went out for dinner, TOP called Yang Hyunsuk and thanked him for giving him this opportunity.

Source: Son Namwon @
Translator: eunjin @

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