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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Wang Biho said sorry to 4Minute Hyuna

WangBiHo Yoon HyungBin reveals his apology towards 4Minute HyunA.

Yoon HyungBin was present during the recent filming of KBS 2TV Happy Birthday. Yoon HyungBin has known to have a malicious tongue as character WangBiHo towards other stars. Yoon HyungBin said, “Even though that is not my intention, I have no other options in order to give laughter to the audience. And because of that, there are many celebrities who have felt hurt from what I said.”

He added, “There is a celebrity who had cried becaues of what WangBiHo said. And she is 4Minute HyunA. Back then, I said to HyunA ‘You’ve left a group once, can’t you leave for the 2nd time?’. After the show, HyunA really cried. I am very sorry.” It is known that the part of the show was edited out.

This episode of ‘Happy Birthday’ is set to air on 21st June at 11.05pm.

S: Newsen

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