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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Super Junior Donghae said 'When I likes someone I will make sure she will be mine'

On the show, Donghae states that when he likes someone, he will make them his girl. Sounds confident, right? With Super Junior currently dominating every Asian countries with their hit singles, no one would probably turn down this lover boy.

Donghae also revealed his fanboy mode with girl-group Wonder Girls. He stated that he once pretended to be an overseas fan just to hug Wonder Girls’ leader, SunYe. The MCs of the show couldn’t help but asked Donghae if he has a crush on SunYe. Donghae responded by stating that he is just a fan but always had his eyes on SunYe, “I wish that SunYe can continue to do well and I’m just a fan. But I always watch her on TV ever since the audition,”

Seems like more Super Junior members are revealing their Wonder Girls fanatic modes. The episode also showed HyeLim picking KyuHyun as her favorite Super Junior member. Raise your hands if you really want to watch this episode and stay tuned for it!

Source: Newsen
Translated by jimin_katie
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