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Sunday, 27 June 2010

SUJU Donghae wants to fall in love with someone

On the broadcast of MBC Music Lalala on 23rd, it is the joint stage with idol group and singer-songwriter.

This day, Kyuhyun was asked the question of “What is the kind of idol group life that Super Junior (thinks) have”. He replied “The hidden sorrow/ words that are below the pretty appearance”. Kyuhyun expressed his honest feelings, that the word idol has become their label and because of this, they are always required to appear using a brand new image and this make him feels burdened.

Following on, he said, sometimes there are anxieties in their hearts. At the same time, Donghae also expressed his true feeling and this led to many laughter. Because an idol has to follow many rules and is unable to be in a relationship freely, he confessed saying he wants to meet a girl and fall in love/ be in a relationship.

Credit: 海世代
Chinese translation: 朴海希 = 海朵
English translation & editing by: minoko2440 @
Reup/Shared: minoko2440 @
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