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Thursday, 17 June 2010

SNSD Tiffany has been sent to the hospital suffering from neck pain

SNSD Tiffany has been sent to the hospital due to her condition not being good.

Tiffany's agency said on the 16th, "Tiffany's throat has not been in a good condition these days and she has been send to the hospital for treatment".

Tiffany already suffered from vocal nodule where her voice cracked during their album promotions, since then she had received treatment and was better. Recently, Tiffany has been suffering from neck pain and was sent to the hospital for a checkup and to get treatment.

Also, As MC's of Music Core along with Yuri of SNSD, they were expected to return toe their MC roles after a 3 week break, but it will still be depending on Tiffany's condition if they will be able to resume their MC roles. The officials are still discussing about the situation and they will soon have their final decision.

source: starnews

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