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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New girl group 'Miss A' by JYPE

After a long and gruelling training period, JYP Entertainment is all set to unleash their new girl group miss A in early July.

Widely known to fans unofficially as JYP Sisters since they started out as a 5-member group in training last year, the group has gone through several changes, most notably the exit of Hye Lim who joined the Wonder Girls, while two other members also left.

JYPE then decided to group the two remaining girls, Wang Fei Fei and Meng Jia with a 16-year old Korean girl, Suzy Bae and form a 3-member girl group, miss A.


Isnt weird,after Jaebeom withdrawl JYP unleash two new girl groups. Hurm,what will happened next,new member replace will replace Jaebeom? Hurmm.. I hope not.

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