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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jaebeom will be a vocal on his hit track 'Nothing on You'

After withdrawing from popular group 2PM, Jaebum will be returning to Korea with American pop star B.O.B for a duet single release.

According to Warner Music Korea on the 15th, Jaebum will be a vocal featuring on his hit track, 'Nothing On You.'

In the original track, BOB raps and Bruno Mass sings the vocals. However, in the digital single set to be released in Korea, Jaebum will be singing the vocal part along with BOB's rap.

Warner Music Korea explained that Jaebum's featuring was made possible by music distribution company, Warner Music America's Asian counterpart, SEA.

Jaebum earned 4.6 million hits on his cover uploaded on his personal youtube channel and Warner Music SEA took notice. BOB's song actually earned greater fame within the country and helped increase the sales.

Warner Music SEA stated, "Through the video, we were able to confirm his many talents and passions. He's got a lot of different skills with a large fanbase. He'll grow to be a global artist."

A celebrity associate stated, "Jaebum's received a lot of offers for fan meetings and drama appearances but they are still in discussion. Jaebum, however, does not seem interested in signing on to a separate contract with a Korean management."

Jaebum's featuring version of Nothin On You will be released June 15th first in Korea and then globally.

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