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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jaebeom is back in KOREA GUYS ! HE'S BACK after 9 months finally..

Park JaeBum is back in Korea!

JaeBum returned to Korea on 18th June 9 months after he left 2PM and Korea. He landed at 5.25pm, coming out from E Gate at 5.50pm. Even though JaeBum was arranged for interview with the media, the interview only lasted for no more than 3 minutes as he was heavily guarded by security officers.

And about 1000 fans welcomed him at him airport. And just like the day he left Korea, JaeBum was seen in white and wearing a beanie. Fans were calling out to him, and he was seen smiling.

JaeBum is back this time for the filming of his upcoming Hollywood movie Hype Nation.


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