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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

George Sampson wants meet with Jaebeom

Prodigy dancer Geroge Sampson, star of the movie 'Street Dance,' has requested a dance battle against Park Jaebum through a video revealed on GomTV.

In the video, George Sampson states, "I've always had interest in Korea, the strongest b-boy country in the world. In the UK, I was a fan of a b-boy much younger than me, B-boy Pocket (Kim Kiju, 14). I've recently come to Korea and have heard of Park Jaebum's dancing skills."

He went on to state in his awkward Korean, "Jaebum hyung, let's meet right away," requesting a dance battle against Park Jaebum. He has also said that he would like to create friendships with Korean b-boys and experience the culture of Korean b-boying.

George Sampson won 2008's 'Britain's Got Talent' at age 14 and is starring in the movie 'Street Dance' to be released on the 16th.

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