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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Big Bang T.O.P says 'I'll get married when I'm over 40'

T.O.P, whose transformation into an actor was a success, says “I’ll get married when I’m over 40.”

T.O.P recently relayed an episode that happened with actors Cha Seung Won, Kim Seung Woo, and Kwon Sang Woo, with whom he got to act with in the movie ‘Into the Fire,’ in a recent interview with Newsen.

Being the only single man amongst the four of them, T.O.P said that he “learned a lot about stability from his seniors” and said, “All my seniors are married. While filming, we’d always eat together and sometimes have a drink or two, and those times became really comfortable. Filming this movie and meeting up with my seniors, the people around me commented the most on how I changed in my sense of stability. I thought about where I’d been influenced in this and it turned out it was from my three seniors. They all have stable families and the way they’d always call home was admirable. On the other hand I’m still young and growing so I’m still confused and my head is always busy, but I felt like I was watching complete and grown men and I think I started becoming like them subconsciously.”

Thanks Seungie @ tumblr

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