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Saturday, 19 June 2010

2NE1 and Lee Min Ho will hold their Pink Concert on this August !

Beauty brand, Etude, will hold their Pink Concert on August 20. Scheduled to appear are their Etude models girlgroup, 2NE1, and popular actor, Lee Min-Ho. The concert will be held at the Riverside Park, where aside from the concert, fun Etude games would be played as part of their campaign.

Lee Min-Ho, who is currently taking a break after finishing his drama, is greatly anticipated by fans, as this would be his first time directly meeting them, as part of Etude House. While girlgroup, 2NE1, who is also on hiatus as they are preparing for their full album, is expected to have a passionate stage for this special occasion.

In addition to the 2NE1 concert, plus the Etude make-up campaign, there are also other activities lined up, like photo sessions, and the appearance of a popular DJ, which is sure to guarantee a fun summer night.

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