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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Super Junior Thanks to 4th Album

Ryeowook’s Thanks to …

Thanks, Lord
This son that is so hard to reach even via phone, this son that is so hard to even meet..Really miss both of you Mother Father… Up till today, this unfilial son will still sleep while thinking of parents… I love you!

The brothers that has been always taking care of this lonely Ryeowook… Thank you… And sorry.. Love you all forever ^^ Hope that you will always be by my side… JungWook, Bomi noona, Kyeongmi noona, Youngwook hyung~ Cute Bomjin~ ㅋ Thanks to you all ^^ The relatives that is always behind me, giving me support, really thank you! ^^~

The ones that has been busy for all of us, Youngjunnie hyung, Byeongjunnie hyung, Seunghwannie hyung ♥ Daebin-gun, Jihonnie hyung… The ones that will always cry and laugh when talking about us, Heesseu Kyeong Sseu, Seon Mi Kyong omma, Jin Joo noona, Bona noona, Kka reu Bona noona, Thank you all ^^

Handsome Jinho , Jaewonie,Seon jinnie^^ Dalma ~ Yeongjoon hyung,both of you are so compatible~^^ So envious~♥Aegyo Saemi~ The strongest in army, Sungjin and Arun, Thank you all~^^ Changmin who is working hard due to drama~ Yoona~ Dana noona,Bada(SES)noona,Grateful to SooJeong~, wow~Seonyeongi^^,Amber(FX)~ Jongseok hyung who is always lively,Seonmyeong noona,Director Han, foresta Hye Jeong noona, yoga teacher who looks like SooAe (movie actress), all the workers of MAX Fitness Gym,thank you everyone.The professors in InHa University,thank you.The lecturer noonas who can always understand why I can’t go to school often,seniors, juniors and chingus~Thank you~^^

Teacher Lee Sooman who cherishes us forever,Director Kim Yeongmin, Director Nam Soyeong,thank you. The album is also great this time~Yoon Jeong noona..I love you~^^ 《One Fine Spring Day》lyrics really the best~! Yoo Young jin who gave us the best title song~Beautiful Composer Kenzie~Always thankful to you~ Noona,창현hyung’s Coagulation is really good~^^ Yeong Hu hyung, Seong Jae hyung, Taeseong hyung, Jung Yeong hyung whom I get to see after a long time but always happy to see them,thank you~! Feel honoured to be able to remake the song “Good Person” which I always like~yoo Hee yeol sunbae,Than you^^Composer Kim Ji Hoo, Composer yoo han jin,best^^ And also,other choreographers,composers,lyricists,thanks to all of you^^ Those who are always working hard Director Jeong Changhwan, Seong soohyung, 우용hyung, min wook hyung, Groom ji seok hyung the family of SM CHINA,thank you all~^^ Master Chen,Master Lu,Master Goo who always give us the best driving quality,thank you^^ The director who worked hard for our handsome music video,cameramans,staff who worked together with us,thank you ^^Director Park Jun yeong who worked hard for our handsome music video,thank you. heejin noona who wear out herself for our styles to designs…seong eun noona who gives us pretty make up,thank you~! Whenever we are tired or happy, 성용hyung who will always be here once we call~Handsome Groom minsung hyung, kyung jaehyung, kyung chang hyung, Happy virus jaeni noona^^, jeonmi noona, forever thankful to jeo ang noona, Lee jang ah noona, heejun noona, areum noona~^^ kitty yoon joo noona, Eun ah noona, sang hee 姐noona, ji seon noona, peongkeulsseu~, seung jin noona, KAT, seong kil noona, hyejin noona, seon yeong hyung, Wan ho hyung~ 지욱hyung, Seok ki hyungㅋ,Than you all~ Our dorm ahjummas,thank you all for taking care of us~!! 재원hyung,who has been working hard with us~ Sanghun hyung,it’s been hard for you~ Nick, Devin thank you ^^ My partner HuiLin noona(Female dancer in Insomnia for SS2)~ I love you. SM artists seniors and juniors,thank you all~! ^^ Didn’t write them all out one by one,but to the SM family who had been helping us silently,thank you!^^E.L.F whom we can’t missed out,I love you all~^^ An album made with all our sweat and hard wook,hope everyone will give loads of love~ I love you all♥Miss Ryeowook loads in the album.

Credit: Super Junior’s baidu bar
Chinese Translation: 炯炯厉旭 @ Super Junior’s baidu bar
English Translation: EternalHua @ StringswHenry
Take out with full credits and do not add ur own

Donghae’s Thanks to …


Yongjun hyung [Sharp Guy], Binjun hyung [Frog, Dolphin]. Seunghwan yung [Seung Seung Seung], Daebin hyung [Daebin hyung~], Zhihyun hyung, Binzhe hyung, in order to lead Suju into progressing better, watching over us, watching over us growing up, suffering from pressure (stress) while feeling happy, thank you for always being with us until now. If it wasn’t for hyungs, What will we be….. do you know >>??!!^^ Till the day we can still say I love you… Really has to work hard together, until time passed by, and can still say I love you, have to keep holding on ^^~~

Dearest hyungs, as SJ’s managers the most important thing is, don’t fall sick! Please be healthy! I love you all!! 2010 also has to work hard!! Including A&R Yoonjing noona, Jenny noona, instructor Heejun noona, 2 (Lee) Jingya noona, Yajung noona, Yoosoo noona, Shanhee noona, Eunya noona, Heein noona, ChungJun hyung, Yoonho hyung, Minwook hyung, Zhichung hyung and everyone in SM, really really thank you. SuJu’s Cody Gokong (company)!! Thank you ^^, help me with pretty clothes! [cant write the names...] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lee Sooman teacher, Kim Youngmin, Jung Changhwan, Han Shimin, thanks so much. Lastly, Donghae’s family – Grandpa, Grandma in heaven, my other self my hyung, sister-in-law, Eunjing noona, and all the relatives, thank you… I love you all. And the mother that is jealous because I always only mention father. ㅋㅋㅋ (mother) Donghae love you, you know??!! ^^ I love you Mother!! Yoana21, hmm? hmm… hmm?…hmm… hahaha So-yi noona, Banana milk!! hahaha James hyung, please don’t feel lonely ^^ Han Mijing teacher! Hyujung noona that allows me to dream of the Lord ^^ One way Chance, SJ Henry Zhoumi Thank U! Yongman hyung, Zhouyong hyung, Yoonjae hyung, Jaehyuk hyung!!! [StarJim23 (Gym) HAHAHA] Thank U Man?

Suju’s angels – our pretty sapphire blue children, has been waitinf right??!! Lets start again?? ^^ If there isn’t the sapphire blue ELF, I am no different from being dead!! do you know???!!! Hmm?? ^^ – Mi-in ah – The sapphire blue beauties… Follow Leeteuk and the rest and unite? GOGO!! Before becoming a member, before becoming the hyungs and dongseangs known by you, knowing us beforehand as human… We are! SuperJuni or!!!!!! No concern who is hyungs or dongsaeng!! HAHAHA I love you all!!! Lord.. although until now, (I am) sitll unsure what kind of history you will give us, but (I) will still believe in Lord, without fear… Even if afraid, even if the road is dark, as long as I’m with Lord I won’t have fear. Until the plan Lord has for Donghae became true… I love you, Lord

Credit: 海世代
Chinese Translation: ZOEY。
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

Eunhyuk’s Thanks to…

Thanks to Father Lord who has been directing me to move forward no matter what happens.

Thanks to the father that has to bear with all his misses for his son, mother, because I cant repay anything, I feel so apologetic. I will become the son that you are proud of. And, because (i am) shy, the words that I never said, I really love you all ^^!

The noona that knows my heart the best, with no secrets! Sorry for not contacting you always, and also sorry for saying about beating hit by you daily on radio ㅋㅋ Now I will talk more good things about noona- ^^

And to the ones that have been praying for me in the name of love, realy thank you very much~ This time Super Junior released a new album, and really thankful to everyone that has been working so hard for it, including Lee Sooman teacher, Kim Youngmin and everyone in SM family, and also the trustable managers hyungs who has been with us. [Daksama], Mr. Satan, Daebin hyung… And also everyone with us]. Already looking so good but to the make up artists that make us shine brighter!!! , Shan teacher that is really..Jingeun noona, Feng noona, BB, Lastella and staffs, really ~~~ has been treating us so well Go~o~o~o~o~on noona, and the Min Heejin nooa that has been worrying for us, really thank you. [Those that I have not mentioned the real name here, if you feel upset, really sorry ㅋㅋㅋ no matter what, I am still grateful ^^] Have been doing KissTheRadio for 4 years. During this time, the staffs that has been working with us!!!! Although I cant call out the name one by one, but is really very grateful, and really learnt alot!!! The family in StarKing, Strong Heart and Let’s Go Dream Team, you made me more handsome in the shows, and have many appearance, so grateful~ I will keep working hard, always!!!! And my other members !!! Amusement Park!!! My ashtray’s friend, Changmin, What’s up Minho, manager Minjae, Sapphire blue bong (Seeya member), YanZhi, SeoYoung, Eunjing, Sooyan, Rascal (Leeteuk), Beige Ryeowook, Butterfly ZhiHo, Hong Dero, Basketball player Seo Yijae, am really grateful to everyone. Everyone has been ~~~~ really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand, I am the representative ya, Eun Rep~~ My friends, XX FRiend, Sunghyun, Green-headed mosquito (Dongmin), Problematic (InTeuk), Cheap/For sale (Zejian), really miss you all so much~~~!!!

And the Jonghyun hyung that really turn me from a little Anchovy into human!!! hyung is the tallest~ Thank you my exercise family, Yesung hyung, Sungmin hyung, Ryeowook, Luna…!! And also thank you to MAX Fitness^^ New family, poisonous frog, fresh fish ㅋㅋㅋ really love you all, i love you all!! Hwaiting ^^– And the Dongho hyung that has been giving me lots of advice, and Boom for leading me to become what I am, I will always believe and follow hyungs!!! Including BoA sunbae, TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee, f(X), and there are so many sunbaes and hoobaes in the entertainment biz, lets work hard together!!! Be closer~^^ Lastly, the best thing that happen to me in life… Our Super Junior… This is the biggest support that I have gotten. Although always say, but that’s just us, let’s not change… Really thankful, really sorry.. really love you all !!!!!!!!!! And our forever friends that has been waiting for us for so long, ELFs… … You have beared for so long, really very thankful… In order to repay your hopes, we really worked hard to prepare. During now and in the future, hope that we will be by each other’s side, trusting each other, becoming the one that is worthy of being proud, being envious of. I love you all ^^

Chinese Translation: momoxirain
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add ur own

Kyuhyun’s thanks to…

Slowly and unknowingly, it is already the 4th time Super Junior is chatting with you. No matter when, the Lord has be with this me, the mother that I loved, father, and the sister that has been working hard overseas, the SM family that has been working hard in all aspects for this 4th album – Lee Sooman teacher, Kim Youngmin, Jung Minhwan, our mental support Pei Chengyu, Mr. Seunghwan, Xinguo hyung, Yonbin, Zhichang hyung, and the pretty Kong noona that is in charge of all our recordings, and also thank you to Heejun noona (that has been like a mother to me), Zhenya noona, Yaqing noona, Yoonsoo noona, Shengzhen noona, Jenny noona, Huijing noona, YeeIn noona, Jungmin noona, InHee hyung, Heejing noona, Bes, —————Names ommited ————-
Really thankful to everyone. And also the superman Changmin, the perfect body Minho, my target (my aim) Yunho, beast Jonghyun, Fake-kid Taemin, Weirdo Yoona, Jessica, best Victoria, Amber, BoA, Kangta hyung, Jae, Jungmi hyung, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) hoobaes. — names ommited ——
The most important one is the ones that build up my playground, SJ Jungsoo, Heechul, Hangeng, Jongwoon, Youngwoon, Donghee, Sungmin, Hyukjae, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Zhoumi, Henry, E.L.F …… ^^

Chinese Translation: 天籁
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

Sungmin’s Thanks to

Firstly, thank Lord

And Teacher Lee Sooman that has been leading us, thank you, will buy red wine for you.

Kim Youngmin and Jung Minhwan that has been worry for us, And Youngjoon hyung that has been so tiring, thanks!

And Binjoong hyung that has been always helping us to prepare, Thanks!

And also the handsome Seunghwan hyung~ and Daebin hyung that seemed to have a lover already~ Envy~ need to keep continue~!

Sooyoung hyung that has been married, Minsung hyung, ah, more envious~!

And the Cheunmin hyung that has been so busy lately, Binchul hyung, have you seen our 4th album being daebak?! And forever ours, KONG noona! Will introduce you a boyfriend this year ~ So exercise… PLEASE! ke

And also Devin, who has been working so hard chereographing the dance, thanks~

And to everyone that has been very tired and working very hard for our 4th album, Thanks so much!

Thanks Max Gym, I will go back!

Our leader jongShi hyung~ Thanks to you the changes is really great!!! keke, in the future also, need your help~

My parents that has been loving me, and Sungjing that has went to the army, I love you all~!

Lastly, the ELF that has been with us no matter when! Really very grateful to the wait and excitement to 4th album, I love you all!

Credit: 百度李晟敏吧
Chinese translation: 静
English translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

Siwon’s thanks to

Our debut is just like something that has happened two days ago, and now the 4th album has came out. Last year, there are so many things happening in our country, especially recently, in order to protect our country, many soldiers as sacrificed themselves in the west sea. Our hearts are heavy and sad, and already showed our deepest condolences to the soldiers’ families.

In the darkest place in this society, hope gives us light. And many praises and thanks to the Lord that has been leading us, giving us hope and gracing everyone with happiness.

Among all these obstacles, in order to keep our heart unchanged in our further journey, Teacher Lee Sooman and director has been giving us many support, leading us with all their true hearts. And the Managers and staffs that has been with us no matter when, sharing our tears and happiness with us, sincerely saying thank you. Also sincere thanks to the fans that has been giving us love and support.

To the Pastors that has been praying for me always, including Pastor Jaeson Ma’s church-friends*, really alot of thanks. To the father, mother and sister I love, thank you. I love you all

Credit: 百度崔始源吧
Chinese Translation: 最_宝贝
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

Heechul’s Thanks to

The one (people) I love and the one (people) that loves me

Translated by: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add ur own

Leeteuk’s Thanks to…

Having the thinking that everyday is the last day, finishing the 4th album seriously. There are many mountains to climb, and coming down from the mountain now, wanting to reach the next peak. Even though it’s alright, even though (I) can take it, whenever (it is) very tired, very lonely, I can take it all. The members that I love, that has been following this me that is not doing well, has been feeling very secured because of you all. But still feel very apologetic, thank you. And also to my family members that has been trusting me, thank you. The PD and staffs that has been with me since 2006 when i was DJ-ing, thank you. All the Staffs in SJ, having a hard time because of us, right? In order to be the sunbaes and hoobaes that are being respected, will be more hardworking and humble. The Yonghwan hyung that turned SJ into the real Superman, Binjun hyung, Seunghwan hyung, Daebin hyung, can i follow hyungs no matter when? The dearest sister (like real sister) that has been busy lately~ Yoona, let’s work hard together. Ai-gogogogo~ Aiyigoo~ Thank you and love you. Lastly, the one that make my dreams come true, isn’t fickled, did not cheat, keep on waiting, and the one that make us all into one… Our best friends, the best fans! The ELFs in the world is the best. Not only for a while, but its forever. Not the END but an AND.

Credit: Baidu Teuk’s bar 百度特吧
Chinese Translation: 木子
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add our own

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