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Monday, 3 May 2010

SNSD Tiffany is 2PM Taecyeon's best friend

SNSD’s Tiffany and 2PM’s Taecyeon, who were known to be Idol Best Friends, showed great amity in the latest episode of “Family Outing 2″.

On the May 2nd broadcast, Tiffany appeared as Taecyeon’s best friend for the “Best Friends Special” episode. She made her surprise entry while the family members were busy preparing dinner. Taecyeon was visibly glowing upon her entrance, to which his family members suspected something about, with the friendly atmosphere between them.

Tiffany responded to the suspicions by saying, “We were friends before we debuted. We see each other at least once every week“ attracting everyone’s attention.

Kim Wonhee then remarked “Taecyeon is acting differently“, and Tiffany replied with, “He always looks that awkward” which made everyone laugh.

Taecyeon then held an all-women tournament emceed by Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, in which Yoona and Tiffany made it to the finals. Taecyeon picked Yoona as the potential winner, while Heechul quickly brought in the old by saying “You give the ugly duckling an extra piece of bread“, and effectively made Tiffany the winner of the tournament.

Original Source: Park Sehyeon @ Newsen.

Translations: Julez @ KPOPLIVE/ Ju1 @ Soshified.

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  1. Well, I still think it is just a gimmick to clear Taecyeon's name as in the past he was one of the people, besides his bff Yoona, bullies Tiffany for her lack of Korean language...Still obvious, whatever he did to clear his name...funny that Fany mentioned TAec is her bff as in other shows,she state that Wooyoung and Junho are her bff...whatever giv..