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Sunday, 2 May 2010

MBLAQ Park Seungho,grandfather passed away

His post read:

My grandfather who didn’t like dyed hair…
My grandfather who also didn’t like earrings..
My grandfather who turned the tv channel when there were programs with dancing or singing..
My grandfather who didn’t like pizza or hamburger..
My grandfather who didn’t like left-handed people..
My grandfather who always used to go hiking with me at midnight even though I was crazy tired..
My grandfather who used to be like this started watching tv after I became a singer to search for me whenever kids came out on tv.
When my grandfather was in the intensive care unit, he didn’t recognize anyone and didn’t say a word. However, when I came in, he tried to talk and even laughed for me.
My grandfather who shyly laughed when my aunt found his notebook full of money that he’s been saving for my grandmother’s IV..
My grandfather whose bed is too small for him because he’s tall and bulky..
But thank you for laughing, and giving it your all and talking when I came..
I’ve been practicing really hard to win first place to show you, if only you waited a little longer..
My family and grandmother, don’t worry because I will succeed and take care of you all!
I will win first place and send you all to Heaven ^^

I love you Grandpa, and I believe that you will follow an angel and go to Heaven.

Yours truly, Yang Family’s eldest grandson Seungho