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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MBLAQ Lee Joon gave Juri a ring as a gift

Jung Juri revealed a shocking confession on May 8th's episode of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, "MBLAQ Lee Joon gave me a ring as a gift".

Kim Na-Woon said on today's show, "My husband is a big fan of Jung Juri, he doesn't like Lee Joon because of his love line with her". Jung Juri continued on and said shyly, "What should I do? Something else happened that would make him jealous".

Jung Juri said, "Last week I wasn't feeling very well. Lee Joon put a ring onto my finger and said that was a ring that he always wears around, I must not take it off. I'm curious why did he give me a ring", she said proudly.

Actually, the ring on Jung Juri's index finger which was given by Lee Joon grabs a lot of attention. Lee Joon remained silent. MC Jeon Hyun-Moo "He did a small thing in hopes to receive something big*".

Self-proclaimed 'idol killer' Jung Juri and Star Golden Bell's fixed guest Lee Joon's mistaken love line created a lot of laughter. Lee Joon is no doubt Jung Juri's partner, showing improvement in variety skills.

Source: TV Report
Chinese translation: ICE@MBLAQCHINA
English translation: bibimbap@AbsoluteMBLAQ

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