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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Infinite said Hey to us !

Hello, we are Infinite! First off, thank you for visiting our mini-homepage and leaving all the comments and words of encouragement. There’s about a month left before our June 2 debut but we don’t have an official website. So to thank everyone for their loyalty, we’ve come to greet you like this. Maknae Sung Jung Goon wanted to join us and greet the fans but he’s still a student and it’s currently exams so he’s in school right now. I’m sure another day will come when we can greet the fans again with Sung Jung Goon. Actually, we probably should do it. Anyway, we’ll be working hard until our debut date to not let you guys down, so we ask for more love and encouragement. This has been Infinite–Infinite, fighting!

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