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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Han Seung Hee and ex-AST1 Hanbyul will joins Monday Kiz

Monday Kiz's representatives introduced new members Han Seung Hee and Hanbyul on the 11th. 23 year old Han Seung Hee, who has a similar voice to the late Kim Min Soo, joined Monday Kiz after a competitive audition of 5000:1.

Original member Lee Jin Sung who was also present at the auditions said that "he was surprised how similar Han Seung Hee's voice was to Kim Min Soo's" and that he "valued [Han Seung Hee's] passion for music and Monday Kiz".
Monday Kiz will release their 4th album on May 20th with a show case in Seoul Yongdeungpo Time Square.

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