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Friday, 28 May 2010

2PM ChanSung and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa have been hospitalised on 24th May.

According to their companies, ChanSung was hospitalised on 24th May. Also Jung YongHwa, who was known to be diagnosed with vocal code nodules in April, has also been hospitalised for flu.

Representatives from both companies have revealed that they will decide on what to do with the 2′s upcoming schedules after the health examination reports are out.

Meanwhile, Jung YongHwa was known to have complaint of discomfort during the filming of SBS Chocolate on 21st April, and was then diagnosed of vocal code nodules at the hospital after that. News report came afterward that he had recovered faster than expected, and the group had went ahead of their comeback stages for new album ‘Blue Love’ last week.

As for ChanSung, it is known that after the filming of SBS Inkigayo on 23rd May, he had complained of abdominal pain. And on 24th May, he went to the hospital for a health examination. His agency revealed, “We will decide again his upcoming schedules after the health examination report comes out on 25th May.” Member JunSu has also been missing from the group’s performances and live stages last weekend due to his recent knee injury.

A JYP rep revealed, “JunSu is also currently still recuperating from his knee injury. There is high possibility that the group will promote as 4 members for the time being.”


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