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Saturday, 22 May 2010

2NE1 Dara,shows her support to Thunder and MBLAQ

어제 우리 둥이둥이막둥이 응원갔다가 찰칵!둥이와 블랙이 멤바들~ 너무 귀엽던데 무대하는거보니까 너무 멋있어서 깜놀!남자향기 폴폴!ㅋ두근두근.. 캬~ 잘컷다 동생아!흑ㅠ둥과블랙이군들~ 누나가 맛있는거사줄테니 카몬!^.^

Yesterday I came to cheer on Dongdongdongmakdong! Dongee and the MBLAQ members~ They’ve taken a giant step and have such cute, but was surprised at how handsome he looked!ㅋ *heartbeat*.. kya~ A man! *sniff*ㅠ Dong and MBLAQ~ Nuna will go and buy something good to eat, come on!^.^

Dara shows support to Thunder and MBLAQ!

Thanks aa_chan for the trans!

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