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Sunday, 28 March 2010

ZE:A members full of tears

However, despite it being their debut performance in Japan, ZE:A was not able to properly greet their Japanese fans when they got on stage. The boys were speechless and at a loss of words. The reason for this was that the boys were overwhelmed by the turnout of the audience and, eventually, leader Joon Young began to cry.

After a short period of time, Joon Young then said, “I was surprised that this many people showed up to the concert for us. There are no other words to say but thank you.”

Member Hyung Shik also shed tears of thankfulness while introducing their last song and said, “We will practice hard and return with a better image than now.”

ZE:A performed eight songs in total, which included their debut song Mazeltov and most recent song All Day Long. The boys even reportedly prepared short Japanese phrases they could use to communicate with their fans.

As of now, their Japanese fanclub count exceeds 4,000 members, which proves ZE:A’s growing popularity. I guess singing about “Japan girl” all the time really did produce some benefits for the group.

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