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Friday, 19 March 2010

ZE:A (Children of Empire) Kim Dongjun said "Every girl is OK except for rude girls and I hate annoying girls"

Doing great With 'Mazeltov' as the debut song, 9 members idol group, Children of Empire recently had an interview with TV Daily at Hongdae LIVE CAFE 'SAADIYAT'.

Asking what is magnae's merit point, all members gave "diligent" as the answer.

"He wakes up the earliest in the morning". "Really hardworking and diligent magnae" praised Junyoung and Kwanghee.

He's certain about his ideal type of woman: "Every girl is OK except for rude girls. I don't mind if she is strong minded or not but I really hate annoying girls".

Children of Empire ended their debut song 'Mazeltov' promotions on 27th of February in MBC TV 'Show! Music Core'.
Source: Nate News/TV Daily
Translation: akucun@EmpireChildren

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