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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Who's the girl in 2AM 'I was Wrong' MV? She will debut soon

Different responses were posted on various online notice boards: "I'm jealous. She must have bought the world in her former life. Wait, can't I just transform into the main girl?" "She looks like a young Lee Miyeon. Who in the world is she?" Netizens are continuing to show their curiosity about the main girl.

2AM's management, Big Hit Entertainment, commented "The main girl in the music drama is 17 year-old Lim Soyeon who is currently attending Anyang Art High School as a first year theatre major. Her face is already known due to her appearance in many CF's. She is planning to appear in MCD, an MCountdown drama as the main girl along with 8 idol MC's."

Lim Soyeon is also set to debut in a girl group created by Producer Bang Shihyuk anywhere from this fall to early next year. A possibility of having past Superstar K contestants as members is also getting the girl group a lot of attention.

Credit: Newsen (Source), love-yun@2ONEDAY (Translations)

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