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Sunday, 21 March 2010

U Kiss "We're afraid that the seniors will look at us as rude"

"We're afraid that the seniors will look at us as rude"

U-KISS made a comeback into the music industry with full charisma, with their title song 'Bingeul Bingeul'. Right after that, they became hot stuff, appearing in radio program, music program, variety programs ect.

They are witty and don't mind appearing with their body gags through variety programs just like what gag men & gag women do, so it's not impossible for them to survive in the world of variety programs.

U-KISS' Soohyun, who has started to gain attention from variety programs, was asked about the difficulties he had while doing variety programs He told TVDaily during the interview "I'm a member of God Of Cookery Expedition right now, and it's hard when I have to keep eating while my stomach is already full."

Soohyun revealed "We have to visit 2 restaurants in order to film for 1 episode. We shoot 2 episodes in one day so we have a total of 4 places to visit and eat. Really, I have to keep telling myself that do not listen to my stomach even though I'm full already."

Then Kibum told his story "It's a bit hard when filming the variety programs with the seniors. Because there are lots of laughter and informal talks in variety programs, so it's unavoidable that the seniors might be offended by that. I worry that such actions might seems rude to them so I apologize to them a lot during the recording."

Foreign member Alexander, too, whose Korean is still rusty, agreed with the subject.

He shared his unfortunate experiences "Eli and I aren't fluent in Korean yet, so we tend to miss lots of timing to talk in variety programs. There are lots of things that I want to say but the words won't come out of my mouth, or are not well presented."

Credits: TVdaily (Source) + contiukiss (eng translation) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (eng translation)

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