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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Super Junior Hangeng will be joins a new group? and out from super junior?

Hangeng, the leader of the hugely popular boy group, Super Junior-M (SJ-M) and member of Korean group Super Junior, is currently in a lawsuit to end his contract with his management company, SM.

Many rumors regarding Hangeng’s next move have surfaced. Rednet, Sina, and other media recently reported that an online blogger revealed that Hangeng had already signed on with eeMedia to form a new idol group called, “SD5 Xing Tang” (SD5行堂). However, both parties have denied such news right after, which indicates that the SD5 Xing Tang rumor was most likely a marketing ploy. Furthermore, Hangeng worries that such rumors would affect him negatively regarding the lawsuit. Insider news revealed that Hangeng will actually become the next spokesperson for Hunan TV’s Superboy. The production team indicated that they have contacted Hangeng and commented, “Compared to 2007’s spokesperson, Li Yun Di, Hangeng’s image feels even friendlier and closer to the audience. Thus, he is very likely to become the spokesperson. (I) Hope we can work together this time.” As for the spokesperson price, the production team said, “It’s definitely with a ‘friends’ discount.”

After Hunan got the approval for Superboy, they announced that they will be scouting talents from abroad as well. On March 16, Hunan’s representative, Li Hao expressed that the details for the show is still in discussion and a press conference will be held at the end of the month to announce the outcome. The team’s main goal is to “strive for creativity and breakthroughs.”

With all this being said, nothing has been confirmed from Hangeng's end.

Source: CpopAccess
Original Source: Chinatimes

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