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Monday, 15 March 2010

SNSD Sooyoung wants to undergo plastic surgery

SooYoung was on SBS ‘Shin DongYeop’s 300′ aired on 14th March. The episode features 300 newcomer entertainers where they talked truthfully about the topics discussed on the show.

And when it came to the topic of plastic surgery, Sooyoung revealed, “I wish to undergo plastic surgery for my face. I have big cheeks. It would be good if I can lose those.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that 210 out of the 300 newcomer entertainers present on the show did not undergo plastic surgery.

SooYoung commented, “Because I have been promoting as an entertainer since elementary school, I gave up on school work. I missed the school days since I did not had much of it. I’m not savoring the campus life in college.”


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