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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kim Jong Min still awkward with 1N2D

He was the featured celebrity on the tvN E News Behind Star, where he admitted that he still felt awkward about his immediate comeback into KSB 2TV’s Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days.
He added, “It’s difficult to be a part of a bond of six people who have bonded for three years. Although I was closest to Kang Ho Dong before leaving, he feels the most awkward.”

Kim Jong Min even scored himself saying, “Two years ago, before I went to military, I was about a 67. But now I’m about a 10! That way, I’ll be very happy when I reach 15, and I like the feeling of reaching for the top step by step.”

Kang Ho Dong and Kim Jong Min share a special bond that has not been revealed on any show before. Kim Jong Min revealed that they once had verbal dispute during dinner. Kim Jong Min shared, “Kang Ho Dong angrily said I should yield to my senior. His face suddenly changed and he started chasing me, so I kept running away all night. However, we made up the next day, and we have been very close ever since.”

Behind the smiles and laughs, Kim Jong Min also had very sad past. “When I was in high school, I really did not have any dreams. Back then, I thought it was embarrassing to listen to elders, so I rebelled on purpose. I came back to my senses after my father past away from a car accident. For some time, I even rebelled because of the burden of being the head of the family, but after I started dancing, I began to live a new life.” In case you guys did not know, Kim Jong Min was actually a very well known dancer back in the days before he debuted as a member of Koyote!

Lastly, he showed his love for his father saying, “When I am struggling, I miss my father a lot. When I was a student, I could not drink with my father. However, I would like to have a drink with him how, but unfortunately, I cann

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