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Friday, 19 March 2010

F.CUZ Jinon was rushed to the Emergency room due to acute appendicitis

During the 18th Mnet Countdown rehearsal, Jinon was taken to the emergency room due to acute appendicitis, and it is stated that he will be resting at the hospital until he receives surgery.

CAN&J staff stated that: "Due to the sudden surgery Jinon will have to go through, there will only be three members on stage for tonight's Mnet Countdown. Jinon will be joining the group again after his surgery is over, and also after his full recovery. Any future activities will be discussed.

F.cuz official stated that it seemed like Jinon was feeling the pain the day before, but because he's the leader, he had to be responsible for the group, and they still attended all the music shows.

News Credits: SEGYE.COM
English Translation: MiMi@FCuzed

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