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Monday, 15 March 2010

Fans will produce an album for their lovely leadja;2PM Jaebeom 'With All My Heart'

A cafe site was set up in January on a portal site in January named ‘Album for JaeBum’ and fans who had joined had gone through the process of making songs and recording to produce the album for JaeBum.

The recording was done on 27th February and coming 27th March, the album ‘With All My Heart’ will be released. The day will also be Park JaeBum’s 200th day since he left Korea.

There will be 3 songs included in the album like ‘To You’, ‘You are my heart’ and ‘A step at a time’. There will be 100 copies of the album sold.

Meanwhile, it was announced in late February by JYE Entertainment that JaeBum will leave the group permanently.


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