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Friday, 19 March 2010

C. N Blue Jung Yonghwa and SNSD Seohyun watch 'Avatar' for their date for We Got Married

But their happy date became a rather troublesome one as they were spotted by eagle-eyed fans. Despite picking a pretty late timeslot to avoid crowds, fans still spotted them and uploaded pictures/videos of their date onto the internet.

PD Kang expressed, “Fans would swarm around them as soon as they appear in public. Because of their status as top idol stars, fans would naturally show more concern for them. Be it at the bookstore, Insa-dong or amusement park, fan-taken pictures of their dates would surface almost immediately on the internet.”

But PD Kang also praised the newest couple on the show, “It’s a beautiful sight just seeing them together. Seohyun is someone who would always make you smile regardless of what she says. Yonghwa would then go along with her by trying his best to accomodate her and lead her during their dates.”


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