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Monday, 15 March 2010

-ara, made a public apology regarding the outfit that they wore for a performance for the K-League game.

On the 14th, T-ara performed a congratulatory performance during the the third round game for the K-League 2010, which was between FC Seoul and JeonBook Hyundai at the Seoul SangAmDong World Cup Arena. However, because they didn’t get to check their outfit before they left, and they wore the green and black colored outfits on to the performance which happened to be the representing colors for the away team, JeonBook, causing dislike from the sport fans.

According to the a manager from T-ara’s management, they had no time to change because they were chased by the time coming from the rehearsal at SBS Inkigayo, which lead them to have no time to change outfits. They apologized, “We are sorry to the FC Seoul fans” and “We will work hard to let such things not happen again.”

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