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Sunday, 23 January 2011

[Rumor] KARA Nicole will be expel from DSP?

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Seoul, Korea – Among the three Kara members who canceled their contracts with their current agency DSP Entertainment (DSP), Nicole’s conflict with the agency is getting deeper. Even if this predicament gets resolved, it is expected that Nicole’s replacement will be unavoidable.

One prime affiliate of the entertainment business, who knows well the situation inside DSP, disclosed on TV Report on the 21st, “Judging by the current situation, it is highly likely that Seung-yeon and Jiyoung will remain in DSP, but because there is much complaint about Nicole’s mother, who is suspected of being the leader in bringing about this situation, in the worst situation, Nicole will be left out.”

The affiliate also said, “As a result of this predicament, Nicole has embedded in herself the dislike of her agency and even if the five continue to stay together, it will be difficult for them to perform together normally. What is worse, there is a joke going around about ‘Nicole being a target of recall.”

Park Gyuri, who said that she didn’t agree with canceling the contract since the start, Goo Ha-ra, who changed her stance soon after, and Han Seung-yeon, who resolved the misunderstanding, are expected to remain in DSP. Han Seung-yeon’s father, Han Jong Cheol, said in a recent interview with TV report, “(Whether they remain or leave) it’s not right for the team to continue performing after being divided. No matter how the situation turns out, I think the team should stay together,” making it clear that Han Seung-yeon will remain.

It is becoming clear that eventually Kang Jiyoung will return to the group if Park Gyuri, Goo Ha ra, and Han Seung-yeon remain.

The problem is Nicole. Nicole’s mother has earlier posted words of criticism, using expressions such as “lovely daughters”, as if she was their spokewoman, but as the post grew into a controversy, it was deleted. When reflecting on the fact that Goo Ha-ra had changed her stance, disclosing that “she did not fully understand the contents of the notice about the cancellation of the contract,” it remains a question whether the members all agreed to the contents of the notice. Han Seung-yeon’s father, Han Jong Cheol, knew that there was a problem but didn’t know that it would turn out like this.”

It is true that dissatisfaction existed between the members, but it is highly doubtful whether this dissatisfaction has developed into the notice under the agreement of all the members. This is why the “rumor about Nicole’s mother taking the leading part” is becoming stronger. One affiliate of Kara has revealed that “Nicole’s mother has been preparing the cancellation of the contract with the mothers of other Kara members.”

Netizens also believe that Nicole’s mother was the leader behind the agency’s dispute and have posted words of pity on Nicole’s Twitter. DSP also believes that the other members have reached this predicament under the influence of Nicole’s mother. TV Report has not revealed the members’ names to protect their reputation, but DSP has boldly mentioned Nicole’s mother in their reports.

This does not mean that Kara will become a four-member group. One affiliate referred to the words of one influential figure in DSP, saying, “We are currently thinking that it would be the best to continue with the same remaining members, but if that’s not possible, we will take out Nicole, recruit a new member, and maintain the five-member structure.”

In that case, the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association (KEPA) will also agree with DSP’s decision. A DSP affiliate has visited the association on the 20th and discussed the situation with it. According to an affiliate, an implicit agreement has been made in which the association will not make an issue of any decision DSP makes regarding the current predicament.

A KEPA affiliate said, “It is true that a DSP affiliate visited us yesterday (20th), but it was only a visit by another figure that had come to receive the achievement award in place of Lee Ho Yeon, who is currently ill.” He also confessed that “words about Kara could have only come and gone since the situation is grave.” He avoided answering other questions.

However, in the midst of all the trouble, the three members of Kara, who were involved in the predicament, said, “We sincerely want a five-member Kara and other members want that too. There is a legal conflict with the agency, but the members agree that it is the primary principle for the group to continue performing together as a five-member team.” It is possible that DSP might embrace Nicole, but nobody knows since the agency knows that it is highly unlikely that all five members will cancel their contract and leave DSP if DSP decides to expel Nicole.

Kara members, Nicole, Seung-yeon, and Jiyoung, who had notified DSP of their cancellations of contracts, have made their positions clear in the interview with the press at the Landmark law firm that was held today at 3:00 p.m.

By Cho Woo Young (

Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVReport DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang /

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