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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wonder Girls Live Chat [vids]

When a fan asked about their upcoming single, Yenny said, “Top secret. But it’s an amazing song. It’s a song to get excited for.”

New member Lim introduced herself to the fans for the first time. She revealed that she likes BoA and Beyonce. She spoke Korean, English and Cantonese and did not fail to impress the viewers.

The girls also demonstrated their basic knowledge in various languages like English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and French. They even harmonized This Time in Mandarin and blew the fans away.

Yenny said, “For the new song, we recorded it in Korean, English and Chinese. We shot the music video and it was hard, but fun.”

When asked whether or not JYP is scary they answered, “No. He’s funny. He’s like our uncle. Uncle Park.”

Unfortunately for shippers of the Cocoa Couple (because they’re both dark-skinned), Yubin denied a romantic relationship with 2PM’s Taecyeon. She said, “We are just friends” and Sunye added, “They are like siblings.”

There were fans from all over the world such as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and more who chatted in real time with them.

I’m just so excited to see the girls promote in the U.S. and in Korea at the same time as soon as their album is released.

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