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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Super Junior Hankyung tribute perfomance to Michael Jackson

It was revealed today that Super Junior’s very own Hankyung will be opening China’s Decade Music Ceremony organized by Meng Niou Music Billboard with a tribute performance to Michael Jackson this week.

It turns out that he had been practicing with Michael Jackson’s choreographer, who personally gave Hankyung dance lessons in preparation for his performance. Hankyung also studied English with a private tutor during his visit.

In an interview that Chinese web portal Sina conducted with the organizers of the event, it was reported that the director of the organizing committee Hwang Jin said that Hankyung would be part of the generation of the new decade’s new forces (十年新势力) attending the grand ceremony. “I had heard from colleagues that he had studied dance with Jackson’s choreographer. I suggested that he could do a tribute performance on stage, and Hankyung readily said yes.”

The event will be taking place in Shenzhen of Guang Zhou, China on April 11. Stay tuned for Hankyung’s anticipated performance!


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