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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Secret Sunhwa is jealouse at KARA,SNSD,T-ARA

She said,

On Invincible Youth, there are many #1 groups such as SNSD, KARA, T-ara and more. I do think I’m jealous of them. It makes me want to promote my group’s music even more.

KARA had Lupin, T-ara had I Go Crazy of You, etc. They all were promoting music. But I was just preparing for an album while filming for the show. I wanted to show a new side of me to the girl groups through album promotions.

They’ve all been in the #1 spots so I wanted to win the #1 spot as well. To be honest, it hurt my pride too. At first, I didn’t mind doing things individually but because of the variety programs, our album got postponed before. When I looked at the singers at a variety show, I got confused about where I stood as an artist.

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